DPE Group, offer great deals and competitive services in Turkey and various foreign markets around the world , and always do so with a standard of excellence. We specialize in the following areas: Construction, Energy, Renewable Energy, Defence Industry and International Trade. From the initial planning to actual commitment, you will receive professional assistance from DPE and our group companies.

Old Ankara
Dpe Plaza

Our HistoryDPE Group Establishment and Progress

DPE Group has a proud 51 year history as an independent family owned company. In 1964 our first flour factory was founded by Mr.Habip Ulusoy in Kirikkale. Immediately after he set up the first DPE Company as Dunya Prestij Ic ve Dıc Tic. Co.,Ltd.

The Ulusoy family blazed a trail in Kırıkkale and Ankara within 1960s and Group has shown a fast and steady development performance during 70s and then extended its business activities into Construction & Contracting.

During late 1990s and beginning of 2000s Mr.Ulusoy’s son, Ali Ihsan Ulusoy expanded our business lines by entering into Energy and Defence Industry.

In 2014 All the group companies were gathered under the roof of Dpe Group.

The Group remains family owned and managed, now in it’s third generation. This continuity of ownership has promoted a stability that is valued by our suppliers, staff and customers alike. Many of our relationships date back over decades, and are built on mutual respect and above all else, trust.

DPE Timeline

  • 1964 Flour Factory and Dunya Prestij Ic ve Dıc Tic. Co.,Ltd.was founded
  • 1978 DPE Construction Co.Ltd,. was founded
  • 1994 Dpe Defence Co.Ltd,. was founded
  • 1998 Dunya Ptestij Electric Electronic Co.Ltd was founded
  • 1999 Dunya Prestij Ic ve Dıc Tic. Co.,Ltd. renamed to Dunya Prestij International Trade Co., Ltd.
  • 2000 Sale offices opened in Sudan and Nigeria
  • 2001 DPE Solar Co.Ltd.was founded
  • 2001 Construction Business expanded its activities from Turkey to Africa and Middle East
  • 2008 London sale office opened
  • 2014 All the group companies were gathered under the roof of Dpe Group

HABİP ULUSOY“Karıncalar gibi birlikte çalışırsanız kendinizden çok daha büyük işler yapabilirsiniz.”

Habip Ulusoy We commemorate our founder Mr.Habip ULUSOY with respect ..∞

Old Ankara
Dpe Plaza

Our Vision

“To be one of the leading forces of Turkey’s future in our areas of operations,namely Contracting, ,Energy ,Defence Industry and International Trade.

Our Mission

“While keeping our faith to our values, we aim to focus on our areas of operations, deliver the best quality products and services, and at the same time, generate value for all of our stake holders, namely customers, employees, suppliers , associates and country.”

DPE Values

At DPE, we owe our success to our values that we hold. Our core values are fixed and absolute.
Today, we are pleased to share these values with you.

-Integrity and ethics
We act in good faith and with honesty and fairness.

-Impartiality and independence
We deliver professional and unbiased advice.

-Respect for all individuals
We treat others the way we would like to be treated

-Social and environmental responsibility
We all respect the community, people and the environment in which we live and work and we always consider the impact of our actions upon the community, people and the environment.


ALİ İHSAN ULUSOY DPE Group of Companies – Director

Ali İhsan UlusoyCelebrating the company’s 51th anniversary in 2015, DPE has played a pivotal role over the years in our country’s Agri-Industry and Contracting as well as Energy sector and we recognize and appreciate the impact we have had on transforming businesses and communities across the region.

To meet the challenges ahead and fulfill all our customers’ expectations, we have restructured the company’s strategic initiatives embracing sustainable business practices, focusing on enhancing customer experience, operational efficiency and people development. We will continue to grow the business organically as well as inorganically, integrating and moving into adjacent businesses either through partnerships or acquisitions. Dpe Group intends to significantly improve its performance in 2015 and 2016, particularly with regards to profitability.

We have identified a number of key growth areas that we intend to focus on in the coming years.

I look forward to detailing all these and other developments at the appropriate time, and our website will remain the ideal source of updated information.

DPE is a success story that would not be possible without the contribution of our customers and dedicated employees who have shared our incredible journey thus far. We look forward to continuing to serve and engage with them in the future. We appreciate the ongoing support received from those who are interested in DPE’s activities and pledge to continue in our efforts to exceed expectations.I would like to extend my sincere appreciation and regards to all of you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the DPE Group website and I wholeheartedly welcome any constructive feedback you may have.

Best Regards

Ali İhsan ULUSOY

DPE Group of Companies – Director


We aimed to improve ourselves continuously by undertaking difficult projects and services since 1964. We were here yesterday and will be there tomorrow as well. We have been establishing steady and sustainable relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers.


Dunya Prestij was founded by Mr.Habip Ulusoy in 1964 with the purpose of marketing and selling products of his new established Flour Factory in Kırıkkale.

In 1999, company name changed to become Dunya Prestij Iç ve Dış and grew during the 2000s while expanding internationally.

New Branch offices opened at the beginning of 2000 in Nigeria and Sudan and company engaged in, such as, Electric and Electronic components, edible oils, flour, tomato paste, pasta and other kinds of production sources and subsistence products.The London office opened in 2008 to serve European market.

As affiliate of DPE GROUP, Dunya Pretij Ic ve Dıc Tic. Co.,Ltd. is a multifaceted company and an active participant in an array of services inclusive of International Trading, and Business Consultation with extensive and effective marketing network in Turkey, Africa and Europe.

Committed towards providing the finest products to our global clientele, our ultimate goal is client satisfaction. Our efficient services such as multilingual workforce with Effective Communication and superior products stand the test of time and our quality services has awarded us with the trust of our valuable clients. We concentrate on the integrity of our business and the consistent chain of our clients, distributors, and associates form the pillars of our success.


DPE Insaat Ticaret Ltd.Sti.(DPE Construction Co.Ltd.) a Project and Engineering Company an affiliate of DPE GROUP has accomplished significant construction projects in various countries since 1978 , primarily in Turkey, the Middle East, North Africa, East&Central Europe, restructured by being incorporated in 2001 , has begun to continue its activities both with its renewed capital, assets and composition as well as technical and administrative staff. DPE Insaat (DPE Construction) within this transition period,has utilized DPE INTERNATIONAL TRADING LTD’s overseas experiences and gained trust and credibility to a great extent. With its sister companies and strategic partneships, DPE is capable of extending its services to large span of clients, worldwide.

DPE Insaat (DPE Construction) is now stronger as an organization which is specialized in design, engineering, project management and construction in the toughest areas of the world and has a great ability to manage the risks.An uncompromising dedication to global quality standards in its business conduct has underscored the company’s consistent growth and stability over 35 years.

The company, pursues a broad variety of projects, including the construction and renovation of Health Facilities , Hotels & Tourism Facilities, Business Centers & Office Buildings , Residential Housing, Historic Preservations, Commercial & Shopping Centers , Billeting & HQ Facilities for Military, Industrial Plants.


DPE DEFENCE Ltd.Sti., (DPE Defence Co.Ltd ) established by Mr.Ali Ihsan Ulusoy in 1994 in order to procure Turkish Defence and aviation industries’ requirements from international suppliers.

We have expanded our business and now DPE Defence is capable of providing premium equipments, spare parts, weapon, ammunition, security and intelligence systems and services for the Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industries and also deals with system installations, system repair & overhaul and manufacturing.

In 1999 ‘’NATO SECRET Security Clearance Certification’’ was granted for our company by Turkish Ministry of Defence.

Our Main Activities
    • Binoculars
    • Holographic Weapon Sights
    • Thermal Imagers
    • Laser Range Finders & Ceilometers
    • Special Purpose Optics
Tactical Equipment
    • Field Gear
    • Tactical Ligths
    • Sniper Systems & Gear
    • Rails, Mounts & Adaptors
Ballistic Equipment
    • Law eforcement ballistic vests/body armor
    • Tactical armor plates
    • Load bearing vest
    • Vip vests
    • Bomb blanket
    • Vehicle armoring
Secure Communication Systems
  • Mine Clearance and Detection
  • UAV-Unmanned aerial vehicle


Being fully aware of the fact that Turkey can only achieve its development objectives by its ability to secure clean, environmentally friendly, and good quality sufficient level of energy in addition to its contracting and infrastructure projects, Dpe Group established an energy company under the name “Dunya Prestij Elektrik Elektronik Ltd.Sti.”(Dunya Ptestij Electric Electronic Co.Ltd.) for the purpose of contributing to the energy sector in 1998.Since then we serve as a solution partner to the investors both for the construction of energy transmission lines and for the maintenance, repair and operation of established energy production and transmission facilities as well as providing services in the field of electrical installations contracting and designs for airports, hospitals, hotels and shopping centers and switchyards.

It is DPE Energy ’s priority purpose to maintain its activities as an innovative company in the areas of contracting and design in the energy sector by focusing on optimum solutions and investing in human resources.

High Voltage Installations
    • City Electric Networks,
    • Power Lines (OTL),
    • Electrical medium voltage – High voltage pole assembly and installation,
    • Transformer Centers,
    • The underground Low Voltage – Medium Voltage Electrical Networks,
    • High voltage electrical wiring and trans,
    • Concrete Kiosk,
    • High Voltage board works.
Medium Voltage Installations
    • Medium Voltage Project & Application
    • Medium-Voltage Power Distribution Panels
    • Type Test Approved Enclosures
    • Medium Voltage infrastructure – Top structured wiring
    • Medium Voltage Substations
    • Cutters
    • Protection Systems
    • Control Systems
Lighting Systems
    • Industrial Lighting Applications
    • Factory & Workshop Lighting
    • Building Exterior Lights
    • Environmental & Garden Lighting
    • Highway & Tunnel Lighting
    • Exhibition Stand Lighting
    • Store Showcases
    • Emergency Lighting
    • Out Information and Referral Lights
    • House Lighting


Consider career pages of DPpe Group to take a new step in your career.


To ensure skills development and to be able to face up to our major challenges, we need teams who deliver and who are motivated. Our human capital is our greatest tool for shaping the future of the Group.

Our HR policy aims primarily to:

Draw the best from all our talented people, keep them on board and attract new ones

Contribute to the development of employees and promote internal mobility

Create an ongoing, rich economic and social dialogue between employees, managers and social partners

Manage the growing internationalization of the company

Discovering talented people is, on the one hand, the aim of our HR policy to support the development of company employees, and, on the other hand, is a way of creating a creative environment for the company and its clients.


Identifying key talent at various levels of our company and implementing talent development programs are critical to unleashing the potential of our workforce and building our organization’s bench strength.

Our Talent Management will help us:

    Gain clarity around the management and leadership profiles needed to drive future success

    Develop a strategy to retain and develop key high performers and future leaders

    Understand the critical skills needed across our workforce, mapping these against existing and planned talent

    Making the right hiring decisions for the short and medium term to drive organisational effectiveness


Our career development initiatives prepare our employees to achieve their goals and turn their career dreams into realities.

We help our employees discovering the power of belonging. At DPE, we feel it every day. It comes from being recognized. And, it comes from working together, as a family.


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